"There is power in unity

As we love in our community

And live as Christ's body

As I am the thigh

And you are the knee


It is then

We begin

To show people

A glimpse of eternity."

On Friday, we had our first performance as a poetry club at the 2nd annual One Love, hosted by La Mosaic at the Old Factory. God has been so good through this process! 

The whole idea of this group poem started off about a month ago when I was writing a poem focusing on how I see community. After writing this poem, I thought, "I really want to share this poem in chapel." So I decided to text Rahn Franklin and ask him If I could say this poem for a chapel sometime this year. Unfortunately, everything was booked. He then asked me if I wanted to collaborate with La Mosaic for One Love. I thought about it and answered, "That would be great!" After reading his text, I started thinking about what we could do as a group for this event.  After a time, I peeked over the desk in the study lounge and shouted in a whisper to my friend Renju, who is a part of the SOAR (Step Out and Rise) Poetry club, “It would be so cool to do a group poem with  SOAR.  What do you think?" With a big old smile on her face she answered, "Let's do it!" After that, I gathered other people from our club, and it was official!

With only a few weeks until April 8th, we talked about our ideas and what we wanted to present as a group.

The poem we put together was based around the One Love event. I tried to organize regular meetings for the next couple of weeks as we talked about how we were going to set up this piece, what we wanted to write about, and how we could tie our poem into the concept of one love.

So we brainstormed and thought about doing a poem that would communicate to people our past struggles. Even though we have gone through different trials, we are still one body of Christ, loved by our Creator. Each person chose one word or phrase such as loneliness, fear of loss, lack of confidence, fear of failure or fear of being forgotten. These words were written on signs that hung from our necks. They represented areas where we each had struggled within our past. After we talked about some of the words, I just knew in my spirit that this piece was going to be powerful! 

The weeks went by, and we went outside one Sunday afternoon. It was so great to be able to soak up that beautiful sun. We shared what we wrote together as we laughed and enjoyed each other's presence. A couple of days later, on a Thursday afternoon, we walked through the whole performance for the first time!  As we walked through it, I knew that God was moving. Everything sounded absolutely beautiful as we spoke with confidence, as music played behind our vocals. With just one day before the actual performance, I had so much peace.

 When I think about it, I should have been frantic, but I had so much stillness, as I let God take the wheel rather than myself. God was the one to start this club through a simple idea, so I had to continue to trust Him through the process. Thank God I did!  As the week progressed and we walked through it, I thought, "We are ready, let's just do it!" 

So we walked through the piece, prayed beforehand, and performed that Friday night as my dream became a reality. 

This process taught me to never stop pursuing what God places in my heart. I almost gave up on this club! I remember wanting to meet one day but nobody could go. I knew that was a God moment because in my heart I wasn't right with God. So for an hour, I prayed in the prayer room instead of meeting. Thank God we didn't meet that day! Even through the hard times, I did not give up as I continued to pursue this call on my life!

Now I see how each and every person has grown, I see how I grow each time I perform, and I see how rising up can cast out fear.

There is so much beauty in action.  I believe faith kills fear and I desire to step out and rise in many other areas in my life.  Now that I started this club, I keep thinking, "Why not do it with a group of people? Why not grow together? Why keep this desire for myself?" God placed people in this club for a reason. Many of these members are soft spoken, a lot quieter, but have such powerful stories. Even though people see courage in me, I am just like these individuals. I just choose to not let fear stop me and to step out and rise to be the women I am created to be. 

So that Friday night, that's exactly what we did. I am so proud of each and every one of them. I realize that this is more than just me, God is moving. They may not realize it now, but they are beginning to soar and be free as they step out and rise for the King! 

"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Isaiah 40:31