Coffee and Conversation

Boy, do I love coffee. Before entering the realm of college, I would say I appreciated coffee but I didn’t love it. When I would have a cup of coffee, it would be filled with creamer and sugar.

College did a few things to me in regards to coffee. First, as I got less sleep, it was a liquid I had to drink to make it through the day. Second, college weened me off sugar and creamer. Creamer can be a hassle to buy, and it’s easier to make coffee without it.

Now I would consider myself a coffee connoisseur. In my opinion, coffee is a form of art, and I have invested in both a French press and an AeroPress. Making coffee is just as enjoyable for me as drinking it.

As much as I love getting a cup of coffee and enjoying some alone time with a book, getting coffee with a comrade is one of the greatest joys in life. Having a conversation with someone over coffee is something I relish. I can’t say I had a lot of coffee convos before coming to Northwestern, but now it is a occurrence that I love.

Any of my friends can attest to the fact that I am a talker. I can go on rants, and I sometimes don’t stop. And even though I enjoy talking, I also very much enjoy listening to others. So it makes sense that I love having conversations. We all have conversations daily. So why is there something special about talking over coffee?

I think it has something to do with the intentionality of it. I can stop and talk to anyone and have an amazing conversation, but if I ask someone to go grab coffee and talk, it’s more meaningful. Coffee can be used to get through hard times, work through hard topics, or to just talk about everyday life. There are a million different things you can use a CC (coffee convo) for.

College has been full of CCs for me. I can’t pick out one that stands out the most, because they have all been meaningful. However, I can recall a couple that were especially significant.

My Resident Assistant last year was someone who loved coffee. You could even say he was one of my coffee mentors. He showed me the ropes of what good coffee looks like. Along with sharing great coffee, we shared amazing conversations.

I remember one time when he made us a Chemex of coffee, and we went down to the North Suites basement and chatted for a long while. We talked about the future and things we were struggling with. It was a time when we were able to grow and also challenge each other.

Those conversations and relationships with people are something that makes college amazing. I would encourage everyone to be intentional about being relational with others. Even though I'm partial to conversations over coffee, conversations over any other liquid or food can also be amazing. Regardless of the setting, going out of your normal schedule and having conversations with people is always worth it.