Finding the Fun

These last few weeks have been the academic lull of my semester (which doesn’t always happen as a senior or as a nursing student, so it’s been quite the special time).  Midterms were taken, papers were turned in.  But final projects and exams aren’t quite here yet!

This allows me to have some extra time away from the books and away from the library.  I’ve been able to catch up on my list of supper dates and enjoy the warm November weather.  Hammocking in the trees after a day full of classes is one of my favorite ways to relax.

Outdoor activities are at their prime in this fall season.  This last week, my friend and I grabbed our adult coloring books and found a central location on campus to spread our blanket on the green grass among the few dandelions that were confused on their season.  Choosing a commonly treaded area brought many friends walking past who stopped for a quick chat.  Orange City residents walk their dogs through campus and aren’t afraid of a few college kids who need their puppy fix.  Even after three years of being here, the cohesiveness of this community continues to impress me.

My last two Saturdays have consisted of hunkering down in the well-known Old Factory Coffee Shop two blocks off campus.  My friends and I have grabbed our favorite warm caffeinated beverages – caramel macchiato, please – and snagged a booth.  Simply being with others is something that I have learned to love and value in my last few years in this place.

The only thing to make an afternoon of coffee and conversation better is a good board game.  Some of our favorites are Settler’s of Catan, Anomia, Pandemic, or Scrabble, but the games that bring out everyone’s competitive side are my favorite.  Laughs are shared and frustration is expressed over buying sheep and rolling 7’s, or having no place for the Q without the U.

Fall is probably my favorite season on campus because of the variety of fun activities it brings with it.  I can’t forget to mention the apple orchard and corn maze trips as well as riding the tandem bikes through town or walking on the Puddle Jumper trail.  Finding fun in Northwestern’s community is not so daunting when surrounded by friends up for the same challenge!