Building Community over Plastic

Over the past few months, a new hobby/sport has not only caught my eye but has been infiltrating my free time more and more. That is the sport of disc golf. Many know it by frisbee golf, or frolf. I also refer to it as "throwing some plastic."

For those unfamiliar, disc golf is pretty much the same concept as regular golf, except you throw discs at baskets instead. The sport is challenging yet rewarding, because you can see little improvements here and there that just keep you wanting to play more and more.

Since coming to campus, I have tried to go whenever I possibly can. With a few different courses not too far away, going after class started to become a habit. The more I played and talked about it, the more I realized that there were many guys who loved to chuck some plastic as well!

Slowly but surely, I was creating a little network of guys that I would go disc with. Some people only use one disc on the course, while others, like me, carry a bag full of discs. Regardless of the number of discs or skill level, we go and have a blast.

We soon discovered that there is a nice 18-hole course in Le Mars, Iowa, which is only a hop, skip and half jump away! But wait, there’s more. There is also a beloved Taco Bell in the same town. So now we do what I like to call the double trouble TBDG (Taco Bell Disc Golf) adventure.

Some guys and I load up my '99 Corolla and head down to Le Mars. We get 18, sometimes 36, holes of disc in. Then we head down to the ‘ole Taco Bell and feast. Not only is it satisfying to the max, but it builds the relationships like non other. I have always said the best friend moments come from sharing a beefy 5-layer burrito.

It is things like that that make this campus so special. I can ask someone to do something like that with me, and without hesitation people are down. But it isn’t just disc golf. It could be going to Walmart to buy a bunch of fish for my 36-gallon tank in my dorm room, or it could be playing cards or board games.

Needless to say, dull moments do not happen very often in my life in the North Suites. This year I have had the awesome opportunity to be the RA on the second floor. It has been a great opportunity to be the leader for our floor, and it has been an amazing experience so far.

Sadly, disc golf season is coming to an end as the winter is coming. Luckily that means it is the start of ping pong season. Time to round up some guys for a tournament!