Roomie Wednesday

A few nights ago, my roommate Alli and I took part in one of Fern’s dorm-wide events known as Roomie Wednesday.

It’s basically the newlywed game─but for roommates. One roommate would sit in a chair, the other would stand behind her with a marker and paper. Our Resident Director Lindsay would ask a question like “What is your roommate’s favorite color?” and the one standing would write down what she thought her roommate’s favorite color was. Then the sitting roommate would say her favorite color out loud, and if the two answers were the same, the pair got a point.

Alli and I found out about Roomie Wednesday about a week before the event, and from the get-go we were determined to learn the nitty-gritty about each other.

Alli and I were at somewhat of a disadvantage in the sense that we haven't known each other as long as some of the other roomie pairs who've been together for two or three years, but I'd say we managed to pull through just fine. 

We’ve been sharing a dorm room for nearly five months now, so we already knew quite a bit about each other, but there were, surprisingly, a lot of random facts to be learned in the process.

For example, Alli’s favorite animal is a quokka. (Don’t worry, I didn’t know what that was either.) Her favorite day of the week is Warm Cookie Wednesday in the caf. And she’s been told that her spirit animal is a baby hedgehog.

We were potentially a little too over-excited every time Lindsay asked a question that we already knew the answer to, but there were also a few instances in which we each gave a few answers that were complete shots in the dark.

A few of those questions were…

   “Which roommate is the loudest?”


    “Which roommate takes the longest showers?”


    “Which roommate is the funniest?”

Looks like we both guessed ourselves on this one..

    “What is your roommate’s first class on Wednesday?”

Chemistry. Complete shot in the dark right there. 

     “What is your roommate’s dad’s name?”

This was the first question and I completely blanked. But don’t you worry, I got it with one second to spare.

    “Who is your roommate’s favorite sibling?”

Alli only had one option for me on this one, but hey, she got it right!

     "Who was your roommate's first campus crush?"

. . . that was an easy question for Alli to answer. 

     "What was your roommate's summer job?"

I got the name right and everything. So proud. 


The game consisted of three rounds: easy, medium, and hard. Much to our excitement, Alli and I made it on to the final round. Sadly, we did not win. But this is just the beginning. There's still time, my friends.

Alli and I have only known each other for 5 months. One year from now, that’s gonna be a YEAR and 5 months. Watch out, Fern Smith Hall. Alli and I are coming back, and next time, we’re going for the gold!