The most common question I get when I tell someone where I’m from is, “Why did you come to Northwestern College in Iowa when you live in Colorado?”  I can assure you that the answer is not the winter we are currently in, or the fact that Iowa happens to have more corn than mountains. The truth is I felt God nudging me out of Colorado and out of my comfort zone. I heard about Northwestern through a variety of people and I decided to drive out and take a peek at what Northwestern was really like.

Some initial thoughts of Orange City:

-Wow, this is the smallest town I’ve ever been in

-While my visit was in March I was positive it doesn’t get much colder than this, right??

So after these initial shockers which I wasn’t prepared for, I didn’t think this college would be amazing. But boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. The weekend was nothing like I have ever experienced before. I went into it thinking it would be a backup, but afterwards I knew I was going to end up in this tiny town called Orange City for the next four years.

God never ceases to amaze me. When we take leaps of faith, He always pulls through and blesses it all. He has completely done that for me so far at my time at Northwestern.

I live in the legendary North Suites here on campus. My first year I was #Blessed to live in the biggest room in the dorm. I was immediately surrounded by fellow upperclassman that lived in my dorm while enjoying copious amounts of video games, outdoor games and random activities that were played in just the first week alone.   

That first year cruised by faster than a snail on a bottle rocket. However, similar to a snail on a bottle rocket it was a blast. Out of all the events that happened last year, all of the memories that stand out the most are the ones I made with people. A few things that stand out the most would be riding around Orange City on a tandem bike for over two hours with a friend followed up with a stop for donuts and enjoying them in a park, conversations I had with different people on campus, deep theology talks with my buddy Steven, or getting coffee with my accounting professor.

Needless to say this year and a half at Northwestern has been real. And yes it has been fun. I would even go as far as to say it has been real fun.