Gaining Knowledge From Others


This school year has been very different for me since I have been more involved in different school activities.The year started off with me being a part of O-Staff. The purpose of this group is to welcome and assist new students to campus to transition well to NWC and to the community. This was a good experience in the sense that it helped me to step out of my comfort zone and become a better leader. Having interactions with others taught me many things about myself. I became more vulnerable and caring towards others. It is true that experiences are the ones that help you to grow as a person. It was cool to be able to meet new students and serve them. I realized that life is not always about me but others as well. 

It has been a great experience being an intern with the multicultural office, which works with a couple of clubs on campus. One is the International Club, and the other one is La Mosaic. The mission statement for the second club is “La Mosaic is a multicultural club where students gather to build relationships, share stories and embrace differences and similarities.” Working with these two clubs has been very meaningful. It's taught me how to make connections with students from different cultures and find the beauty of everyone’s stories. I really enjoy working with these clubs because it’s really cool to learn and to hear other perspectives. One of the books that I have really enjoyed reading as part of the multicultural office is Disunity in Christ by Christena Cleveland, because it reminds me how we are all part of Christ’s body. We all come from different cultures, yet we are all part of God’s family. This is what unites us.

A great event that is coming up on campus is the Ethnic Fair. This event brings students from other countries together and gives them a chance to share their cultures with the people of Northwestern College and Orange City. I’m really excited to start cooking a wide variety of different dishes from all over the world with many other students and to start the decorating process that is always very fun, since a lot of people are willing to work together to make it a great event. What I love the most about the Ethnic Fair is the atmosphere, which is full of happiness, different performances, foods, dances and live music that make people feel at home. Ethic Fair usually happens in the spring semester. This time it will be on Saturday, Jan. 30, in the RSC gym at 5 p.m. It is very neat how this event is an opportunity for the community to get a taste of the richness of other cultures and to see the beauty there is in diversity.

Our group after last year's ethnic fair!

Our group after last year's ethnic fair!