Why Northwestern?

Making the choice on where to attend college is a big (and exciting!) decision, so we asked our Red Raider bloggers: Why Northwestern?

Northwestern is special because it offers me the ability to double major, play golf, and be involved in multiple other activities like campus ministry and intramurals. It is so fun to be a part of so many different things on campus, and Northwestern’s small community and personable professors who care about me have fostered this. I know that I am being academically challenged while being spiritually encouraged by incredible friends, professors and coaches. Anna Perrenoud

It’s easy to wonder why a kid from Southern California ended up in the northwest corner of Iowa, but I can tell you that it was all about the people. I had visited numerous colleges, but it wasn’t until I got to NWC where I felt like I was at home. The people, the culture and the community all led to an atmosphere that was too good to not be a part of. I have met some of my best friends in the world at NWC, gotten to play 4 more years of the sport I love, and have walked away a better man, a better Christian, and a better human being. I owe a lot of who I am today to the amazing people at NWC. Connor Sams


NWC is small, but I think that's what really sold me when I was trying to make my college decision. That was surprising because I had always envisioned myself going to a large public university. The professors don't see me as another faceless name on a long lecture roster. They know me. That means they'll hold me accountable for my work in their classes, but they'll also reply if I email them a Buzzfeed article about Shakespeare jokes. The professors are also really good at what they do, so they make sure that when we leave Northwestern we are really good at what we do, too. Academically speaking, I think it's one of the best places to go to college. Liz Meier

Northwestern's professors are amazing! Not only do they care about your learning and success, but they take an interest in you as a person. My professors are constantly providing me with opportunities outside of the classroom to grow in my field of study. Here at Northwestern, professors go the extra mile for their students. How many other colleges can say the same?  Lauren Weber

At Northwestern College I have found a unique support system that has surprised me, on more than one occasion, with the lengths people are willing to go to in order to help students. I have personally been blessed by teammates, coaches and professors who care about me in ways that go far beyond just being a student who earns a grade in their class or an athlete who earns points on their field. When I am going through difficult times, I have had teammates, coaches, and professors check in on me and offer assistance. And to me, the genuine care and concern I receive from such people in those times is something that makes Northwestern College unique and worth the investment. Caley Vink

Northwestern has provided me with some of the closest relationships I have ever had. It's not just people that are in my major or the same activities, but even people I know from living on the same wing or interacting around campusthe close-knit community is incredible. Even the professors encourage faculty-student interaction and want the best for your future. Through relationships with my professors, I have had access to opportunities that students at larger schools wouldn't have, from academic opportunities like one-on-one research to class-wide invitations for Sunday dinner. The community at Northwestern is no joke. Abbey Slattery

Northwestern has given me the opportunity to experience challenges daily with the support of everyone around me. Unlike most institutions I know of, nearly everyone I have encountered has shown they are willing to help in any and all ways. I think that it is imperative that at some point, everyone should experience this type of unconditional support in striving toward goals. Jonathan Johnson

Northwestern challenges me academically and spiritually. I came in timid and quiet about my faith and now I’ll graduate with an energized spirit and eagerness to spread God’s love. You really can’t hear about an event or activity on campus and think, oh, I’ll never be a part of thattake it from an introverted gal who ended up being a two-year RA & editor-in-chief for the Beacon! Each year there are countless opportunities to jump into and it’s truly encouraging to look back and see how far you’ve come since day one. What I’ve learned in my classes is much more than academic knowledge, but also life lessons I can take with me after I graduate. Shelby Maznio

Northwestern is special for many reasons.  I appreciate the relationships I have with my professors. On multiple occasions I have gotten meals or coffee with them. If I could go back to freshman year, I would encourage myself to start doing that right away. Dorm life is also so specialwhen else will you live with a group of people your age going through similar transitions? It’s so cool to walk through the hall and have everyone’s doors open. When that’s the case be sure to just walk in and start talking with your neighbors in the wing.  Northwestern is more than just getting students ready for a job, its about intentionally living and loving our neighbors. Dani Duistermars

Northwestern is such a great choice because of the community you get involved in. Not only are there so many different opportunities to socialize, especially through dorm events like Fern’s Grilled Cheese Fest and their joy-filled wing Christmas parties, but also the professors are invested in your life as well. As I get further into my major, I continue to meet more English professors who want to get to know me, through random conversations as we pass by each other or even through deep conversations. No matter where you come from, Northwestern always makes you feel like you belong. Kaitlyn Asmus


So long, farewell

My sophomore year I was told to cherish every single moment of college, because it’s only going to fly by even faster than it already had been.

Now, as I am preparing to graduate in just about month, those words are ringing loud and true. I can’t tell you where this year went, or even the three years before that. I still clearly remember being a wide-eyed freshman on move-in day, excited and scared for the new adventure. I remember the thrill of dorm supply shopping and submitting my application. I remember the campus tours and my sister giving me a Northwestern sweatshirt my sophomore year of high school. I have so many memories surrounding this place that it doesn’t seem possible for it to be ending soon.

So as cheesy as it seems, my time on campus made me realize how important it is to cherish every single second of every adventure of life. Northwestern has countless opportunities for students to be involved, so there’s always something to do. It also offers the chance to branch out from what you’re used to and discover a new activity or passion.

I came to campus as a shy and introverted gal who’d rather spend time reading books than socializing. In the past four years I ended up joining the school newspaper, dancing in RUSH, playing Bingo dressed up as a senior, serving as a resident Assistant for two years, and making some pretty incredible friends. My professors encouraged me both academically and spiritually, and the residence life gave me that boost of confidence to achieve my goals and grow.

I get to leave completely different from when I first came here, and I have Northwestern to thank for that.

Find a work-study

I have been so excited to share with you one of my favorite parts of Northwestern – my work-study! I work up on the top floor of Zwemer (the most iconic building on campus) in the Advancement Office. The work is fun, the hours are perfect, and the people are amazing! I love my work-study and I highly recommend getting one to those who are considering the idea.

Here’s why:    

 You meet some awesome people.

Since I work alongside the advancement crew nearly every day, I have gotten to know the people in the office pretty well. I have such a blast going in and talking to them during my work hours and helping them with events. I assure you that you will meet people through a work study position who will encourage and support you in and outside of work. They are similar to Northwestern’s professors in that way. You will also get the opportunity to work alongside other students! It is a great way to meet others on campus with similar interests. Which brings me to my next point…

 You can find a work study that fits in your area of interest.

Do you like working with technology? You could work AV! Love to plan events? Northwestern’s student activities team plans so many events for the campus. Love to work with social media? There are many positions at Northwestern that need students to work on various social media platforms! These are only a fraction of the work study opportunities at Northwestern. You’ll just have to come and search for your perfect position!

 Having little extra money is never bad.

I don’t really need to explain this one, do I?

 You have fun!

Every year before Christmas, I get the wonderful job of stringing Christmas lights around campus. It brings me so much joy to set up for the holiday and make Northwestern bright with lighted trees. I also love being able to create Northwestern’s Scholarship Auction poster every year and help sell tickets at Morning on the Green in the fall. Every work study is obviously different and will provide you with a number of various opportunities, but there is no doubt that there will be an element of enjoyment and entertainment in one form or another!

2018-04-07_Weber_scholarship auction.jpeg

Spring forward

As we travel toward the conclusion of the year, the idea of spring promotes hope. Spring reminds me of sunshine, temperatures in the 80s and beach visits. This has not been the case thus far. With snow still on the ground and word of more to come, I have formed a new idea of spring. 


Spring for many is the toughest part of the year academically. It is the time in which stress often takes over as people scramble toward the finish line. Walking across campus, I occasionally see the faces of stressed seniors worrying about completing their final projects and filling all requirements to graduate. However, more often than not, I see happiness within my fellow students. As everyone shares in each other’s stress about finishing strong, there is laughter, fun weekend hangouts and endless jokes. 

The coming of spring has brought far more than academic stress. It has brought together a campus to find the positives in life. It has allowed me to realize that no matter how difficult things may get, there are always things to look forward to. Whether it be thrift shopping with friends, movie nights, playing intramural sports, or simply hanging out with friends, there are endless possibilities of prosperity that spring brings forth. 

Think spring

It’s hard to think about the sun and the warmth with the snow on the ground, but I promise you, it does come. And when it does, Northwestern is one of the best places to be. There are tons of places to hammock, games of Gennis (golf with a tennis ball) to play, and bike rides to take - overall, campus is just a great place to be. 

Now that I am in Chicago, it has me missing my favorite time of year on campus (besides soccer season, of course). So I thought I would tell you about my three favorite things to do during the spring at NW:


Tandem bike riding - I loved grabbing a group of friends, borrowing a few tandem bikes from the college library (for free) and riding around the OC! When the weather is nice, there is no excuse not to go out and cruise. Plus, it can be a great bonding experience!

Intramural softball - Nothing screams spring more than a little slow-pitch softball, and I can tell you first-hand it is the best intramural on campus. It’s an hour or two a week, and you get to play such a fun sport with some great people. If you only ever play one intramural in college, make it slow pitch softball!

Hammock - I bought a hammock last spring since I figured it would be something fun to do, and it was the best decision I made. There was one Saturday where I grabbed a book, and some music, and tied my hammock to some trees by Fern and just read and napped for a good hour or two. With all of the stress and frustration of the semester, it’s nice to recuperate and get the chance to relax while enjoying the amazing weather.

Springs at NW are pretty amazing, and I promise you if you get around to doing these three things, you won’t be disappointed!